Full Stack Web Developer based in Poznan, PL.
My expertise is Shopify Theme & App Development

Thanks to 11 years of experience in Web Development, I can independently realize any web or ecommerce project in short time. Since 4 years I have been focusing on implementing Shopify stores and apps, extending platform default features with creative approach to clients needs.

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Selected Projects


Open Source App Store

Sellfino is the PHP & Vue.js based platform with free apps for Shopify and framework for developing custom ones. The main advantage is serving custom apps in one place - it reduces time to develop new apps drastically. Platform handles authentication, Shopify API connections, databases - developer writes apps just like the plugins. We can add as many client stores as we want, without duplicating apps for every client. Beside that, it is possible to write private apps that can be used only on the selected stores.

  • Platform: Shopify
  • Type: Platform / Apps
Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is one of the most famous denim brands in the world. Thanks to the relationships of our client, I had a chance to develop their international website.

WRS Design

I was asked to develop website with lot of complex animations, based on the After Effects presentation. Client's ambitious vision results in customized solution for navigation and many different page templates. Under the hood there was implemented Craft CMS to handle this multiform project. This project earned Honorable Mention by Awwwards.

I You All

Minimalism is one of the most beautiful trends in web design. Creating ecommerce website for IYouAll based on the Shopify resulted in coherent message between what the client values and what the client believes in.


Another example of minimalism in the webdesign doesn't stop delivering great user experience and satisfactory for the client. Moreover, I was asked to implement a custom app that could manage inventory of the bundled products - problem that couldn't be solved by the current apps in the Shopify App Store.


Linwood is supplier of luxurious fabrics and wallpapers for clients around the globe. Main goal for this project was to move the whole store from WooCommerce to Shopify, implementing new fresh design. To meet the client's needs, I developerd few custom apps without which importing mass list of products wouldn't be possible.


My main mission was to implement a dynamic landing page with smooth animations that would attract visitors and encourage them to download the app. Whole project, focused on presenting features of this sport app, was tailored to desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Micro Tec is company that manufacture componentry to the highest quality standards and technology for the betterment of industry, and humanity. The main goal was to implement robust website that would represent modern approach of the company. Moreover, I was asked to develop the sub-website for Switches & Sensors, innovative products designed by the Client.


Shopify store for one of the most iconic ecommerce brands in UK. The project was the challange to implement because of complex content structure and diversity of product packs. Thanks to years of experience I was able to deliver not only foundation for future development but also easy solutions for Client to do edition by themselves.

Quantum Stabilizers

Since 1985, Quantum has pioneered the world’s most advanced marine stabilizing technologies, serving the luxury yacht, military and commercial industries. I was honored to build their company website with complex structure of related posts and pages.


Arcadia Group Ltd. is a British multinational retailing company, owning the high street clothing retailers like burton, Evans, Topshop. Working together with UK based design studio, I created whole new website from scratch, uniting information about all of the company's divisions and work in one place, run on the CraftCMS system.

Canada Modern

Canada Modern is a physical and digital archive of Canadian graphic design, with modernism central to its glowing heart. Pixel-perfect precision, great responsiveness and minimalism led to the silver medal at the Art Directors Club of Canada, judged by an International jury.

Universal Works

Universal Works is the company specializing in producint contemporary menswear. After rapid growth, they looked for more easy-to-maintain solution for their online store. I was assigned to move the whole store from Magento to Shopify and rewrite some functions from scratch. Some parts of the website got the new design and I fixed most of the frontend bugs left from previous developers.


Beautiful, comfortable and efficient period panties for wellbeing, freedom and peace of mind - this is motto for Rejeanne. Client wanted to have simple but unique design, coherent with the company's mission, which was delivered with ecommerce store based on the WooCommerce plugin.


Tenuedeville is creative workshop in Brussels, specializing in high-end wallpapers. This was the first project where I implemented Statamify - my author's ecommerce addon to Statamic based on the workflow of Shopify. The whole functionality of the store was developed from the scratch and was well received in the Statamic's developers community.


The main concept behind the Runlive was to build the world's largest running group, connected by client's app. I was asked to create dynamic landing page with lot of well-crafted animations that could present most of the features of the app.

Chapter and Ink

This was the second project for this client, who believes in simplicity and minimalism. Based on the Shopify, I was asked to develop new website where client could sell high quality stationery.


My task was to transform a beautifully designed project into an engaging website that could emphasize a succesfull campaign on Kickstarter, both on desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, I was asked to set up Wordpress instance that enables sharing knowledge and tips about swimming.


Sugarshot is Los Angeles IT Support & Network Service Group. I was assigned the mission to create website that could resonate with the not-so-serious company profile. The goal was achieved thanks to the unique animations and implementation of parallaxes was a cherry on top.


Magazine and studio in one. I was asked to implement new, modern design for their current website based on the Wordpress. It wasn't easy task because of over 1000 posts that had to be reedited to meet the new UX of the project. However, the effect is remarkable and client was satisfied.


Body Restore was created as an outlet to spread the word on gut health. This is the second project that uses Statamify, one and only ecommerce addon for Statamic. Thanks to the flexibility of this CMS, I was able to build not only fast and responsive website, but also easy-to-maintain store with beautifully designed product pages.


Functionally, which is scaling platform, helps clients around the world achieve visibility and effective organizational design. This statement was my initial foundation for creating simple but beautiful website, powered by Wordpress.


LifeReady is Australia national brand for physio and pilates. My mission was to create appealing website with many services and custom registration system for customers. Moreover, every city division owns part of the website and is responsible for the content and news, with restricted access to only selected selected administrators.

Neuvieme Ciel

Maternity is hard time for women but it doesn't need to prevent them from looking fashionably and with style. My mission was to create the beautiful ecommerce store with subtle animations and implement quite complex design for website's journal.


Flamingo Ai is a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform built with AI. Clean and modern design was put under my development, where I had to focus on delivering responsive product through wide range of devices.